Inserts vs Direct Glaze

Sports prescription spectacles usually incorporate a wrapped lens which curves around the face to provide physical protection against dust, particles and insects, as well as light protection against glare.  This wrapped lens may incorporate your prescription in which case it is called DIRECT GLAZE.  Alternatively, your prescription lens is held in an INSERT carrier which sits behind the protective wrapped outer lens. 

INSERTSthis is a cheaper, less technical means of achieving clear vision during sports.   Frames usually have interchangeable tinted wrapped protective outer lenses and your corrective prescription lens sits discreetly behind. 

  • Advantages
    • Cheaper than direct glaze.
    • A wide range of prescriptions can be corrected, so there is no need to despair if you consider your eyesight is ‘really bad’.
    • Useful for part-time contact lens wearers, as the insert can be removed to leave just the non-prescription outer lens.  
  • Disadvantages
    • Optical clarity is slightly reduced because you are looking through two layers of material (4 surfaces).
    • The field of view may be slightly reduced because the insert lens is smaller in size. 
    • More prone to fogging in certain weather conditions.
    • If you choose a lighter coloured protective outer lens the insert may be seen. 

We supply single vision and bifocal inserts.  

DIRECT GLAZEhere, your optical correction is incorporated into the outer wrapped lens.  The power of lens in the periphery is compensated to account for the wrap, giving a wide field of clear vision.  These lenses can be supplied tinted, light reacting or polarised, with or without mirrored coatings.

  • Advantages
    • Technologically advanced and hence optically superior to inserts.
    • Better overall optical clarity.
    • Wider field of clear vision than inserts.
  • Disadvantages
    • More expensive than inserts.
    • More limited range of prescriptions can be accommodated when compared to inserts.
    • Direct Glaze bifocal/varifocal options are NOT available from us online (see below)

N.B. Extra measurements are required to dispense direct glaze varifocals and bifocals accurately, so we do NOT supply these online. If you require these bespoke lenses please visit us at one of our practices, where we can see you in person.  We can also carry out a full eye examination if required.

You should now know what form of lens (single vision/bifocal) and what type of sports spectacles (insert/direct glaze) you require. 

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