DIRECT GLAZE - Varifocal lenses

'Direct Glaze' means that the optical prescription is incorporated in to the surface lens as with a normal traditional pair of spectacles. These lenses can be made with a variety of tints, polarized or with light sensitive lenses.  As standard, they are made of high impact resistant polycarbonate lenses which include a HARD scratch resistant coating.  Anti reflection or Mirror coatings can also be applied. These lenses are highly curved and the latest wrapped lens technology is used to provide wide fields of crystal clear vision.

Direct Glaze varifocals require several measurements in addition to your PD measurement.  If you visit us at a show we are able to take these extra measurements for you and produce your bespoke pair of varifocal sports spectacles.  Without these measurements, we are unfortunately UNABLE to produce Direct Glaze varifocals for you.


Select the frame you like and ADD to basket,  then select your lens type and ADD to basket.  You will now need to scan in your prescription and the information from your 'Product Profile Card'  (supplied to you at a show or cycle shop clinic).  This provides the specific measurements which we require to manufacture your bespoke pair of sports spectacles.

If you have any queries, please feel free to leave your contact details via our HELPLINE:   01761 414848   ....... our sports optometrist will contact you when they have finished their clinic.

It is unusual but possible that your chosen configuration cannot be manufactured. If this is the case, please be assured we will contact you and issue you a full refund.


As you can see from the image above, these products have integral lenses, the lenses are cut to your presciption .