Live2Ride Road Race Cycling  Team

The 2014 season has been very much 'one of development' but has exceeded expectations. This success has bred a motivation to develop one of the best racing teams in the South over the next couple of years with the main aim to develop in a controlled and professional manner to maximise results.

Rapidly attracting attention at all levels Team Manager Lee Williams intimated on numerous occasions this year that 'Seasoned' ex'pro's, pro's and top amateurs in the community had asked Lee 'who that guy is?' 'Are these your team?' and complimented him on the skill and strength of his racers. Numerous scalps were taken and enough to get the team more than noticed in 2014 so we're looking forward to a successful 2015!

Live2Ride Team Riders:

Carl Luke

Luke Nolan

David Jones

Darren Rhymer

James Dudden

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