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We aim to supply you with the most appropriate sports sunglasses at a sensible , value for money, price!  Advice from a sports optician is only a phone call away so please take advantage of this service if you have any queries. Our opticians may be in clinic so they will return your call and contact you at a convenient time. There may be limitations on what products are available if you have a strong prescription.  We will hopefully be able to offer you alternatives to the standard products, special plastic resins are available which are thinner and lighter.

We may already have met you at a Cycle or Triathlon show and had an informal chat.  If you are in a position to proceed with an order, please send your prescription details to us, use the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with recommendations and a quotation.

Our experts are registered opticians and keen sports people. Our practices are based in Somerset and called Eyetech Opticians.

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