Race Reviews - Slowly Finding Some Form

Wednesday, 18 March 2015  |  Admin

Team Live2Ride Road Cycling Race Team Report

By Luke Nolan

Circuit racing is going well, I’m good for an hour or so – it’s just those hills and 2.5+ hour racing that’s needing my body weight to drop and my race pace stamina to improve. But that was the plan anyway and it’s getting there. Don’t mean to sound vein but looking in the mirror I’m seeing less and less of that winter fatboy that naturally surfaced since the end of last season. My last weigh in was 12 stone 10lbs – a loss of 3lbs in february which isn’t great, but it’s in the right direction. This time last year I was still in the 13 stone mark so I can’t complain.

Back to the Severn Bridge Road Race, a course that is in no way designed for an overweight rider like myself, it didn’t go too badly. I didn’t finish, but i fought gallantly on the 5th, 6th and 7th lap to catch back up with the peloton after being distanced on the Stowey Hill climb. I’m proud of myself for that. Disappointing not to meet my target and finish, but no way did I have enough beans to catch them on the 7th lap. So I had a 1 lap warm down and watched the finish. The pro’s are so far ahead of us category 2’s, but then that’s no real surprise when this is their job. Looking back, I was the last rider to be dropped from the race, a race in which only 41 of the 80 riders finished. Ross was absolutely fantastic. Not content from finishing in the bunch, he was attacking up every climb, in to the head wind, on the flat, everywhere! He said he wanted to show off the jersey because he knew that the amount of riders up the road in the small breakaways meant that the race wasn’t there to be won, so he gave everything he had to be as prominent as possible. Top effort, lad!

With our main early season target of the James Atherton Road Race on the 29th of March and all 3 of us accepted in to it, training and planning couldn’t have gone any better. No crashes or injuries in the run up to spring and with a good 8 or so curcuit races and 2 road races in my locker, I’m feeling extremely confident that I can do a pivitol role for the team in this one. It’s 60 miles of undulating terrain. I raced it last year and failed to finish with the bunch – reasons being I was still playing Football last year and hadn’t had a proper winters training like this year, had a game the day before race day and was an over-weight novice back then! Now, with a bit more experience and race craft knowledge I’m raring to go.

My last big mileage ride before the James Atherton was last Saturday where Carl and I rode to Ilton from Frome – 45 miles- raced the National B 35 mile circuit race picking up a 6th – then rode a shorter route of 41 miles home. We wanted some miles in the legs so we were prepared for the road races and thought what better way to do it than to involve a race in between! Problem is, I couldn’t resist getting in the second breakaway group for half of the race and with 2 laps to go holding on for dear life, contributing as much as possible with jeers from fellow break buddies because I occasionally missed a turn (without them realising this was mile 70+ for me!), then sprinted past a few of them to claim 6th right at the end. Woops, that’s bike racing though. They should have tried getting rid of me before the sprint when I was blowing out of my ass and they had the chance.

So, 4 turbo sessions and 2 semi-long rides planned before the 29th and by then I should be fighting fit to not only contribute to the team plan for this race, but I’ll have a great base for my other races in April.

45 points already – 2 wins – 3 overall for the team…. can’t wait for our 4th!… whenever that may be.

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