Bifocals vs Single Vision

What type of lens do I need?  

The type of lens you need when doing your chosen sport depends on what range of distance viewing you require.  

The flow diagram below will help you to decide what lens form is most appropriate for you and your chosen sport - this may not be the same as you use in daily life.  Contact us on 01761 414848 or if you have any queries.

You should now know whether a single vision lens is sufficient for your needs or whether you require a bifocal or varifocal option.  Please note that, in some sports, bifocals/varifocals may help in some aspects of an activity but hinder in another and you may need to compromise on expectations.  For example, in golf a bifocal may help you to mark your card but adversely affect your putting.  Adrian would always choose to play golf in single vision lenses.  Again, for advice, please call us on 01761 414848 or email us at

NB: Extra measurements are required to dispense varifocals accurately, so we do not supply these online.  If you require these bespoke lenses please visit us at one of our practices where we can see you in person.  We can also carry out a full eye examination if required. 

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