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The team at Visionforsport  have over 50 years of experience in the field of vision. We are opticians with a keen interest in sports eyewear and we are actively working in High Street optical practices on a daily basis. We therefore have vast experience in all matters optical!

We have partnered with Sunwise sunspectacles and Shamir lenses to give you the best combination in prescription sports eye wear.  Sunwise have an extensive  range of stylish, comfortable and practical frames, many of which are suitable to be glazed with prescription lenses. Shamir are the market leaders in wrapped lens technology winning many design awards.  These specialized lenses provide wide fields of crystal clear vision which is essential for ultimate performance in many sporting activities. 

We offer, superior optics than other leading brands, wider ranges of power, yet our prices are significantly lower. In a nutshell,  Visionforsport  have the answer to your visual requirements in sport.